Congratulations, Mr. Putin


Yesterday, Wladimir Wladimirowitsch Putin has been elected officially to his fourth term. As a neutral observer, I feel obliged to congratulate him. Awesome 75% he should have reached, whats meaning more percent as a bottle of good vodka contains. Given to a such overwhelming result, the circumstance about Putins main-opponent was suppressed by law, seems to be modestly insignificant. This topic is flogged to death just in our mediums. At that time, his turkish colleague Erdogan has reached an essentially closer result. But I’m kind to be supposed, the turks were still more sober while counting the votes.

An obligatoric outcry is now echoing thru the western world. How the russians could have voted for such a tyrant again? I’m sure he’s pleased about to hear, that others are complaining due to his success. Simply to make crazy his bossom buddy Angela Merkel it must have been worthwhile. When I’m thinking about the matter, that our valued chancellor is sitting on a table with persons like Donald Dumb, I’m not able to comprehend the excitement about the evil Mr. Putin. Likely she is afraid about, that he could run out her in reference to the duration of presedential term.

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