Rabotnik’s Blog


работник – rabotnik; worker, workman, employee, modern slave

Добро пожаловать! – Willkommen! – Benvenuto! – Üdvözlöm! – Bienvenido! – Ласкаво просимо! – Bienvenue! – Vítám tě! – Tervetuloa! – Bem-vindo! – Καλώς ήρθατε! – Hartelijk welkom!

Welcome folks, to my battlefield of the outspoken word. This will mainly be used to complain about defiencies which are prevailing in my microcosm. And because its so wholesome to lay it on the line, I like to share it with the whole world. Regarding to this matter, I don’t have to be very imaginative. Life supports me with new stuff daily.

Some issues must simply brought to the point. Not just a bad tongue is given to me by the power of universe, but also two evil hands. An ordinary alphanumeric keyboard can be used as a suitable arm indeed. In the darkness, everbody is near-threatened to get hit by the blue shimmering sword of the oppressed. So don’t be surprised, if your blood is running along the blade due to collateral damage.

Maybe, some people will ask themselves: What is about Rabotnik’s intention? With good conscience, I can assure you: He wants nothing. But in best case he WILL: evoke, amuse, clarify, be thought-provoking.