RIP Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

Principally, there are not a lot of people I’m admiring. One of these, Stephen Hawking was. Today he left us peacefully and now, the average IQ of mankind is plumming finally. Therefore I want to dignify him with a short mention. He was one of this planets most intelligent heads, maybe the smartest of all them. As a renowned physicist, mathematician and scientist, he brought the universe to my mind and increased my understanding of time and space. Not, that I’m able to apprehend the mentioned facts with my comparatively low intellect, but if I would read his books a few times more, there is a little chance for me to understand it one day. Of course, I won’t give up the hope about getting a pill of NZT-48 in the meantime.

In this spirit, dear Stephen Hawking: Thanks for all and rest in peace.